Doreen Pearson

My purpose and Passion is to Inspire and motivate YOU to have a powerful MIND and powerful LIFE through positive thinking and realizing your internal and external beauty!
​I grew up in a very strong loving supportive family structure still alive today…I have carried these  empowering believes throughout my life with my kids, family, friends, colleagues, students and anyone I come in contact with. It is my passion to help others live the life of their dreams.

My career began years ago when I managed an inventory company for 13 years. I taught others to create a plan of attack to get the jobs done together in the most professional, productive, fun and easiest way possible. If a mistake was made along the way we learned from it and didn’t do it again and continue to move forward. During this process we all learned from each other no matter what our titles or experience where. I encouraged all from the beginners to the most experience. Starting with their first step, guiding them along the way, even if they wobbled. I would tell them they did great and their belief and confidence from my encouraging words made them superstars and many moved up to be managers themselves.

Years later I still use the same concepts in everything I do. The last 6 years have become an expert in personal development where I have learned and taught both.

I am an Author, Certified Life Coach,  Hypnotherapist and Touch Therapist. I have watched  and guided so many people grow to reach the next level of their life, overcoming road blocks which are no more then a subconscious belief structure put in place.

I will continue on this journey restoring faith, love and peace to the world around me. While doing this I will make a difference in others lives I may never even meet.

Some of my services and products are:​
Personal Development Books, Trance Audios, Hypnosis, Workshops, Life Coaching, and much more! Stay tuned as I launch my new programs and books in the coming new year! In the meantime, connect with me and benefit from the services I am offering now.

Check out my book on Amazon: 

Living Your Dreams by Creating a Life with Purpose, Balance, and Abundance!